Being a bit different means that we can offer a great haircut at times that suits YOU by our senior stylists

Barbers of Mitcham hair salon was created just over 2009, by Sam Barca.

Sam believed that after running a successful chain of salons for 23 years called Mondo hair, that there is a market for ladies, men, and children that just want a haircut at a NO Appointment system, and affordable prices.

Our aim at BOM, is that you are not kept waiting more than 10 min, we understand and respect your time. If we are busy leave your name and come back so yo do not lose your spot.

With a team of 11 stylists, the experience of this team has to be at a highest level because of the system we run.

Need a Haircut? See us at BOM!

Bookings are welcome also, you can book online here!